Highlights from The UCSF Department of Ophthalmology #9 Vision Center in the Country
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eye at a time

We’re on a mission to ensure that everyone in the
world can see.


of vision impairment
worldwide is curable


of adults 75+ in the US will develop Macular Degeneration


of all learning happens
through our eyes

What we support

All May See Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides fundraising support for UCSF Ophthalmology and Francis I. Proctor Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology.

Your contributions directly fund each of these initiatives.

The investment of time and resources necessary to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and deliver the highest quality patient care requires substantial funding. We count on the support of generous donors to make this work possible. Together, we can ensure that, one day, all may see.

The Results of the Future of Vision Campaign

Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision

A new home for innovation, discoveries, collaboration, and more to help all who suffer from visual disability and blindness.


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Donor Appreciation Wall

A recognition of our dedicated community of donors and leaders who have given experts the support they need to achieve ambitious goals.

Theresa M. Caygill and Wayne M. Caygill Atrium

Spacious and comfortable, the atrium provides initial check-in services and an accessible waiting area.

Bernie Newcomb and Gerry Marshall Center for Innovative Eye Surgery

Herbst Foundation Foyer & William G. and Ruth R. Hoffman Auditorium

This 100-seat presentation space hosts the Department of Ophthalmology Grand Rounds.

Administration, Teaching, and Conference Facilities

Includes the Amy S. Millman and Paul M. Kochis Chair’s Office; the Don and Judy McCubbin Chair’s Suite; the David F. Chang, MD, Resident Conference Room; the Lisle W. and Roslyn B. Payne Seminar Room; the Richard Baruch, MD, Surgical Didactics Suite (pictured); the James and Marjorie Livingston Seminar Room; and The Hearst Foundations Learning Center.

Pearl and Samuel J. Kimura Ocular Immunology Laboratory & Ralph and Sophie Heintz Laboratory

Research in the Kimura Laboratory focuses on basic research in the immune mechanisms responsible for severe ocular inflammation. Research in the Heintz Laboratory focuses on cellular and molecular mechanisms of herpesvirus pathogenesis.

Center for Corneal Care and Research

Includes the Venetta and John Rohal Treatment Room; the Norby-Anderson Autorefractor/Topographer; and the Bernard and Barbro Osher Corneal Diagnostics Suite, which provides patients with access to the most advanced cornea clinical diagnostic and imaging instrumentation for the management of rare and complex corneal disease.

Fortisure Foundation Center for Glaucoma Care and Research

Bringing together the full range of advanced glaucoma imaging, diagnostic equipment, and the facilities for complex glaucoma care (including advanced laser treatments), this area also offers facilities for clinical research and training the next generation of glaucoma clinician-scientists.

Koret Vision Clinics

To reduce the burden of blindness, collaborative clinical teams deliver advanced solutions to patients, informed by the latest research at UCSF and elsewhere.

Harry William Hind Library

The Hind Library serves as a library, conference room, and seminar room. The featured mortar and pestle collection was very generously donated to the Proctor Foundation by Morton R. Leiter, RPH, and Charles W. Leiter, PharmD.

Tom and Yvonne Mazzocco Surgical Laboratory

This surgical laboratory provides a space for surgical simulation training and one-on-one instruction for residents and fellows using all of the instrumentation that they will find in the actual operating room.

Your donation dollars go directly to research, education, and patient care

What we’ve accomplished thanks to your donations:

  • Opened the doors to the Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision
    There is no richer, more innovative environment across the entire landscape of biomedical research than UCSF, with the heart of this research community on the Mission Bay campus. The state-of-the-art Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision houses the clinical, teaching, and global health research activities of the Department of Ophthalmology and the Francis I. Proctor Foundation.
  • Funding for research
    Blindness remains one of the most devastating and feared health conditions. UCSF ophthalmologists are dedicated to groundbreaking research that allows eye patients to keep their sight.
  • Educating and recruiting the best
    The recruitment of top clinician scientists and a core vision science research team leading UCSF’s vision research program has helped in creating a world-class environment with tremendous support for residents and fellows.

Current needs:

  • Vision research
    Support our laboratory clinician scientists.
    UCSF Center for Vision Research Campaign
  • Education and recruitment
    Support our educational programs, which include medical and graduate students, residents, fellows, and post-docs. Funds help recruit the best vision care physicians and researchers.
  • Global outreach
    Fund are used to support global outreach to address the leading causes of blindness worldwide.
  • Capital funds
    Support a build-out of vision research facilities on the Mission Bay campus for the core vision research group.
  • Endowments
    Support a cadre of selected researchers, providing the freedom needed to spur innovation and generate future funding.