All May See Announces $223,000 in New Faculty Research Awards

May 14, 2024

All May See Foundation is pleased to announce the following new faculty research awards, approved at its April 2024 Board meeting, to the UCSF Department of Ophthalmology, funded projects included:

Title: Transscleral evaluation and treatment of retinal breaks and vitreoretinal traction

Title: Pathophysiological consequences of AQP4 redistribution in the light damaged retina

TitleExpanding and Sustaining Access to the Multicenter Sight OUtcomes Research CollaborativE (SOURCE) Database, Incorporating an Underserved Eye Health Population in a Safety-Net Hospital

Title: The role of neural activity in the retinal circuit integration of transplanted retinal ganglion cells

Title: Determining Genetic Factors Contributing to Glaucomatous Neurodegeneration

Projects were selected through a competitive peer-review process where faculty propose new research and the top-rated proposals are awarded “kick-starter” funding to get their projects up and running.

The Foundation’s goal is that these awards will enable recipients to generate data that will support larger scale proposals, leveraging the funds to generate additional external federal and private support. Our objective is to hasten scientific breakthroughs in diseases of the eye – here and around the world.

All May See Foundation is committed to saving and restoring sight and inspiring hope that, one day, all may see.