All May See Foundation Announces $200,000 in New Faculty Awards

May 10, 2022

All May See Foundation is pleased to announce the following new faculty awards, approved at its April Board meeting, to the UCSF Department of Ophthalmology:

$38,000 was awarded to Aparna Lakkaraju, PhD for – A “triple threat” therapeutic approach for Stargardt inherited macular degeneration

$26,500 was awarded to Frank Brodie, MD for – Effect of Resolvins on Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha induced intraocular inflammation

$27,500 was awarded to Thuy Doan, MD, PhD, and Ying Han, MD for – Antibiotic Resistance in Eye Surgeries (ARIES)

$18,000 was awarded to Douglas Gould, PhD for – Generating mice with a tagged type 1 collagen allele

$21,000 was awarded to Maanasa Indaram, MD for – Intracanalicular steroid implant for postoperative management following corneal collagen crosslinking in the pediatric and developmentally delayed

$38,000 was awarded to Yoshi Ishikawa, PhD for – Collagen modifiersome in connective tissue disorders

$31,000 was awarded to Neel Pasricha, MD for Ocular Surface Ion Transport in Dry Eye Disease

Projects were selected through a competitive peer-review process where faculty propose new research and the top-rated proposals are awarded “kick-starter” funding to get their projects up and running.

The Foundation’s goal is that these awards will enable recipients to generate preliminary data that will support larger scale proposals, leveraging the funds to generate additional external federal and private support. Our objective is to hasten scientific breakthroughs in diseases of the eye – here and around the world.

All May See Foundation is committed to saving and restoring sight and inspiring hope that, one day, all may see.