The Next Generation Residents Shine as Heed Fellows

July 20, 2014

This spring, Allison Loh, MD, Shivali Menda, MD, and Michael Seider, MD, were honored with Heed Fellowships, the nation’s most prestigious ophthalmology fellowship award. Selected from among 450 ophthalmology residents nationwide, the UCSF residents garnered three of the 20 Heed Fellowships given.UCSF Excellence Recognized Heed Fellowships, which recognize passionate engagement, mastery, exceptional ability, and suitability for academic careers and leadership, are a recurring distinction. Since 2009, 47 percent of all UCSF Ophthalmology graduates received these fellowships – the highest number for a single residency program in the country.

This accomplishment reflects UCSF Ophthalmology’s high bar for acceptance as well as the excellence of its training. UCSF Ophthalmology’s residency program is one of the best in the nation.

UCSF Ophthalmology’s residency program is

one of the best in the nation. 

Working hand in hand with faculty ophthalmologists, residents help deliver excellent patient care at clinics on the Parnassus campus, the San Francisco VA (Veterans Affairs) Medical Center, and San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. “The faculty uses resident teaching to actually enhance patient experiences,” says Dr. Loh. “The superior medical and surgical training that I received at UCSF Ophthalmology helped me feel confident to deliver effective and compassionate care,” adds Dr. Seider.

The honorees are excited to build on their rigorous UCSF Ophthalmology residencies. Drs. Loh and Menda will further their training at Oregon Health Sciences University – Dr. Loh in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, Dr. Menda in glaucoma. Dr. Seider, who graduated in 2013 and is completing his fellowship in ocular oncology with UCSF mentor Bertil Damato, MD, will pursue a vitreoretinal surgical fellowship at Duke University.

Recent UCSF Residents Awarded Heed Fellowships

2009 Drs. Shelley Day, Isabella Phan, Soraya Rofagha, Michele Trager
2010 Drs. Phoebe Lin, Marielle Young
2011 Drs. Charles Lin, Brett Shapiro, Alison Skalet
2012 Dr. Michael Chen
2013 Dr. Justin Baynham
2014 Drs. Allison Loh, Shivali Menda, and Michael Seider